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  XFC performance data  

 Extreme short control cycle time

– 100 μs (min. 50 μs)
– new performance class for PLC application: control loops with 100 μs

 Extreme fast I/O response time

– from 85 μs
– Deterministic synchronised input and output signal conversion leads to low
process timing jitter.
– Process timing jitter is independent of communication and CPU jitter.
– new performance class for PLC application: control loops with 100 μs

 Signal Oversampling
– multiple signal conversion in one control cycle
– hard time synchronisation through distributed clocks
– for digital input/output signals
– for analog input/output signals

– support of analog I/O EtherCAT Terminals

– up to 100 kHz signal conversion
– down to 10 μs resolution

– support of digital I/O EtherCAT Terminals

– up to 1 MHz
– up to 1 μs

– application

– fast signal monitoring
– fast function generator output
– signal sampling independent of cycle time
– fast loop control

 Signal time stamping (10 ns resolution)
– extreme time measurement for digital single shot events: resolution: 10 ns,
accuracy: < 100 ns

– exact time measurement of rising or falling edges of distributed digital inputs

– exact timing of distributed output signals, independent of control cycle
– time stamping data: resolution 10 ns, accuracy < 100 ns


– distributed absolute system synchronisation for CPU, I/O and drive devices
– resolution: 10 ns
– accuracy: < 100 ns

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