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Motor Series AM2000, AM3000, AM3500, AL2000, AL3800, AS1000

Motor Series AM2000, AM3000, AM3500, AL2000, AL3800, AS1000

Highly dynamic, brushless Synchronous Servomotors AM2000, AM3000, AM3500

The Synchronous Servomotors are brushless, three-phase motors meeting DIN 42950 and have permanent magnets in the rotor. This high quality neodymium magnetic material makes a significant contribution to the motors’ exceptional dynamic properties. A three-phase winding is housed in the stator, and is electrically powered by the Servo Drive. The motor commutation is implemented electronically in the Servo Drive.

Temperature sensors in the stator windings and corresponding signal output via a zero-potential (break) contact monitor the coil temperature. The motors normally have an integrated resolver to provide feedback (optional single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoder). The Servo Drives evaluate the feedback signals and feed sine-wave currents to the motors.

Power transmission is implemented in accordance with DIN 748 via the cylindrical shaft end with a retaining thread, optional with a feather key groove. The motors accord with insulation material class F according to DIN 57530, and are manufactured to balance quality N according to DIN ISO 2373. The protection class of the motors is IP 65/64. This can be raised to IP 65/65 if a shaft sealing ring is employed.

The low-inertia servomotors from the Beckhoff AM3000 series, which are based on new material and manufacturing technologies, are predominantly used in highly dynamic motion applications. The aim of most motor development efforts is to generate more torque with a design that is as compact as possible. The challenge is that loads to be moved do not decrease accordingly – on the contrary, with each machine generation, the trend is toward ever higher loads. The aggravation of the inertia ratio between load and motor has a negative impact on control quality – in extreme cases, the mechanical system can become unstable. The inertia ratio can be optimised through suitable gearing. However, this reduces the maximum possible speed, which means that in many applications, the required velocity can no longer be reached so a larger motor and controller have to be used. In order to avoid the costs resulting from this, motors from the AM3500 series are used.

The servomotors AM2000 have angled connectors for the power supply and the feedback signals. The AM3000 features continuously rotatable connectors. Beckhoff offers the resolver, encoder and power leads as a ready-assembled accessory.

Type AG2xxx planetary gear units are offered as accessories for the AM2xxx and AM3xxx servomotors.


Compact power packages: Linear Servomotors AL2xxx, AL3xxx

The AL2000, AL2400 and AL2800 Linear Servomotors complement the AM2000 servomotors and can be used wherever rotary design reaches mechanical limits during installation, or where special drive characteristics, in terms of dynamics, synchronism or acceleration, are required. Linear Servomotors are easy to set up and are not subject to mechanical wear. Several motors can be used simultaneously on the same path, which offers a distinct advantage for designers. Moreover, there are virtually no limits on travel options. With their high acceleration characteristics, Linear Servomotors can achieve positioning velocities of up to 10 m/s – with a high force constant and a very good force/weight ratio.

All three series of motors have the same pole spacing. This has the advantage that the procedure for adjusting the drive amplifiers and the adaptation to a linear encoder or the MES system is always the same, which saves time during commissioning. In principle, it is possible to operate several primary sections on one magnetic track. This significantly reduces the installation and component costs and opens up application options that would not normally be considered for linear motors.

In contrast to the AL2000 series, the linear motors from the AL3000 series have no iron core. This has the advantage that the coil part is not attracted by the permanent magnets and that cogging, i.e. the occurrence of cogging thrust due to magnetic forces between the permanent magnets and the iron core, is avoided. The benefits of ironless linear motors are particularly significant in semiconductor and plasma/LCD panel production, where highly synchronous operation and positioning quality are required.


Scaleless feedback system for AL2xxx Linear Servomotors

The operation of linear motors requires a feedback system for the commutation and for monitoring of the speed and position. Normally, this measuring system consists of a reader head and a scale, mounted parallel to the travel path. The additional expenditure for the complete system increases with the length of the travel path. For this reason, Beckhoff has developed a measuring system that monitors the magnetic field of the permanent magnets of the magnetic plate and provides the AX2000/AX2500 series Servo Drive with incremental transducer signals for commutation, speed and position control. The measuring system provides one sinusoidal oscillation per logical motor revolution. A logical motor revolution corresponds to the distance between two homopolar magnets, i.e. for example between two north poles. With 24 mm, this distance is very short for the AL2xxx series linear motors, resulting in very high resolution. This leads to particularly synchronous operation and low running noise. A maximum resolution of 24 µm is adequate for simple positioning tasks. The achievable precision ranges between ±0.1 mm and largely depends on the mechanical precision and position of the travel path magnets. The influence of temperature fluctuations and external interference fields is compensated.


Stepper Motors AS1000

The Stepper Motors of the AS1xxx series are a cost-effective alternative to Synchronous Servomotors for the small and medium capacity range. Different Stepper Motor types with torques ranging between 0.38 Nm and 5 Nm can be used as actuators or auxiliary axes for machine construction and automation applications.

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