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Digital Compact Servo Drives

Digital Compact Servo Drives AX2000/AX2500

Fully digital Servo Drives as an intelligent backbone

Servo Drives from the AX2000/AX2500 series are integrated as components of drive systems in electrical equipment or machines. The devices drive the brushless Synchronous Servomotors AM2000 and Linear Servomotors AL2000 with regulation of torque, speed or position.

The digital Servo Drives are available in two versions. The AX2000 series is a powerful variant with Servo Drives designed for nominal current of up to 70/80 A. The AX2500 series Servo Drives are modularly expandable and optimised for applications where space is tight. The maximum nominal current is 6 A. Both series are fully software-compatible among each other and are integrated in the TwinCAT control software.


Servo Drive AX2000

The standard versions of the Servo Drives AX2000 are available in six current ratings. Interference suppression filters are integrated into the power feeds for operation directly from the mains up to AX2020, as are suppression filters for the 24 V auxiliary voltage supply. The digital Servo Drives offer a large number of convenient functions. These include adjustable setvalue ramps, two analog monitor outputs, four program­mable digital inputs (two of which are defined, as standard, as limit switch inputs) and two digital outputs. The Servo Drive can optionally be fitted with a start-up lock for personnel safety. It prevents the drive from starting again even though the electrical power is present. The main circuit can therefore remain live. The start-up lock has been approved by the responsible professional association.

Integrated safety is also strongly emphasised. In the Servo Drives, the electrically secure isolation is in accordance with EN 50178 between the mains or motor connections. The electronics signal is achieved with appropriate “creepage” paths and complete potential separation. Further integrated functions offer soft starting, overvoltage detection, short-circuit protection and phase failure monitoring.


Servo Drive AX2500

The AX2500 series is integrated into the Beckhoff modular drive concept as an extension of the AX2000 Servo Drive series. The AX2500 Servo Drives are fully software compatible with the AX2000 and provide maximum output in the smallest space. In its maximum configuration the multi-axis system comprises eight axes, i.e. a master module with seven axis modules. The master module contains power supply unit, mains filter for power and auxiliary voltage, ballast circuit and resistor as well as a power output stage and can also be operated stand-alone. The subsequent additional axis modules are simply plugged directly into the master module and are connected in the intermediate DC circuit via a socket strip.

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