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AX5000 | Digital Compact Servo Drives

The EtherCAT drives

The AX5000 Servo Drive product line from Beckhoff sets new standards in drive performance. The AX5000 series is available in single- or multi-channel form and is optimised for exceptional functionality and cost-effectiveness. Featuring integrated, high-speed control technology with a current control cycle of down to 31.25 μs, the AX5000 drives support fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. The drives utilise EtherCAT as a high-performance communication system, providing an ideal interface with PC-based control technology while supporting coupling with other fieldbus systems.

The 2-channel Servo Drives with variable motor output allocation optimise the packaging density and the cost per drive channel. The compact design and simple and safe installation through the “AX-Bridge” quick connection system significantly simplify control cabinet assembly.

AX5000 | Digital Compact Servo Drives

Technical highlights

  • fast control technology
  • current control: min. 31.25 μs
  • speed control: min. 125 μs
  • position control: min. 125 μs
  • high-speed EtherCAT system communication
  • 1- or 2-channel Servo Drive
  • optimised for multi-axis applications
  • variable motor output allocation in 2-channel drives
  • active DC-Link and brake energy management
  • variable motor interface with
  • multi-feedback interface
  • flexible motor type selection
  • scalable, wide range motor current measurement
  • high-speed capture inputs
  • wide voltage range 100…480 V AC
  • integrated mains filter
  • integration of safety functions (optional)
  • restart lock
  • TwinSAFE: intelligent safety functions for Motion Control
  • compact design for simple control cabinet installation (300 mm depth)
  • AX-Bridge – the quick connection system for power supply, DC-Link and control voltage
  • variable cooling concept (fanless, forced cooling, cold plate)
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