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Industrial PC series C51xx

The Industrial PCs of the series C51xx are designed for 19-inch rack installation. They are equipped with maximum performance class components and are ideally suited for machine construction and plant engineering applications, for example with the TwinCAT automation software under Windows XP Embedded or Windows XP Professional.

Industrial PC series C51xx

The 19-inch rack mount Industrial PC series C51xx, equipped with Intel® Core™ Duo or Core™2 Duo on a slot motherboard or with Intel® Core™2 Duo or Core™2 Quad on an ATX motherboard, offers maximum performance class controls. The 19-inch slide-in housing measures only four rack units, yet has plenty of internal space for expansions of any form. A CD/DVD-ROM, multi DVD or Blu-ray multi DVD drive can be fitted behind the lockable front door.

The type plate provides detailed information regarding the PC’s configuration. Data on the function, type and use of resources such as memory areas and interrupts is listed for the fitted plug-in cards. Data about drives indicates not just the manufacturer and type, but also provides information about type of connection and jumpers. Carefully designed ventilation creates a slight excess pressure inside the housing, effectively preventing the entry of dust. A stable card holder generates insensitivity to shocks and vibrations. A C51xx series Industrial PC and a Control Panel as its operating unit create an ideal combination.



The computing power can be upgraded with anything that the PC market has to offer in the highest performance class. The construction of the housing ensures long-term compatibility with any new PC components that will appear over the next few years. One 3½- and three 5¼-inch drive slots are accessible behind the lockable front door. The on-board RAID 1 controller mirrors two SATA hard disks. These can be installed with SATA removable frames into two of the 5¼-inch drive bays. This allows the hotplug exchange of hard disks while the PC is operating.

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