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Panel PC series C36xx

The Panel PC series C36xx, fitted with Intel® Core™2 Duo or Core™2 Quad on an ATX motherboard, offers controllers of the highest performance class with 12- or 15-inch TFT display, as a display/computer unit optionally with touch screen. The housing is opened from the rear. All components can be reached quickly and easily. The RAM can be expanded from 1 GB DDR3RAM up to 8 GB.

Panel PC series C36xx

A CD/DVD-ROM for commissioning and software updates or a multi DVD or Blu-ray multi DVD drive for data backup are accessible from the rear side. The drives can be removed without tools once the housing has been opened. Card holders for the plug-in cards generate insensitivity to shocks and vibrations. The card holders can be fixed and removed without tools.

The type plate on the rear provides detailed information regarding the PC’s configuration. Data on the function and type is listed for the fitted plug-in cards. Data about drives indicates not just the manufacturer and type, but also provides information about type of connection and jumpers.

The construction of the housing of the C36xx series accords with the ATX standard, thus ensuring long-term compatibility with any PC components that will appear in the next few years. If, in a few years, the Industrial PC needs to be upgraded, you swap the motherboard, the processor, the memory or the hard disk, but the housing, display and touch screen remain unchanged, being compatible with the technology of the future. The computing power can be upgraded with anything that the PC market has to offer in the highest performance class.


Customer-specific design

Beckhoff designs Industrial PCs in a modular way and has a long experience in customising designs to specific needs, e.g. for individual artwork and company logo on the front. An Industrial PC should express Corporate Identity.

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