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Panel PC series C33xx

The 19-inch Panel PC series C33xx is designed for fitting into 19-inch racks or into the front of a control cabinet. The Industrial PCs of this series are equipped with maximum performance class components according to the ATX standard and are ideally suited for machine construction and plant engineering applications, for example with the TwinCAT automation software under Windows XP Embedded or Windows XP Professional.

Panel PC series C33xx

The 19-inch Panel PC series C33xx, fitted with Intel® Core™2 Duo or Core™2 Quad on a standard ATX motherboard, offers controllers of the highest performance class, with a 12- or 15-inch TFT display, optionally with alphanumeric PC keyboard or numeric keyboard, with a touch screen or a touch pad. The RAM can be expanded from 1 GB DDR3RAM up to 8 GB. More than 3 GB require a 64 bit operating system. The housing can be installed and re-fitted from the front. A CD/DVD-ROM, multi DVD or Blu-ray multi DVD drive can be fitted behind the lockable front cover. It is also possible to fit USB connection sockets for keyboard and mouse under the front cover, permitting commissioning and software updates with the aid of standard input devices. In this case the connected keyboard operates in parallel with the front keyboard. The mouse works in parallel with the touch screen or touch pad. Additionally, one or two 3½-inch hard disks can be installed. The on-board RAID 1 controller can mirror two SATA hard disks.

Card holders for the plug-in cards generate insensitivity to shocks and vibrations. The card holders can be fixed and removed without tools.

The Industrial PC corresponds to the ATX standard, and is therefore compatible with all new PC components.

The type plate provides detailed information regarding the PC’s configuration. Data on the function, type and use of resources such as memory areas and interrupts is listed for the fitted plug-in cards. Data about drives indicates not just the manufacturer and type, but also provides information about type of connection and jumpers.

The construction of the housing has been designed to allow individual changes, and many features can be optimised for the application.

A variety of front panels can be combined with the computer core. Although the front panels have different heights, the computer core is always made to fit eight rack units. It is possible that the front panel will extend one or two rack units further at the lower side. The fitting cut-out required for installation is always the same.

Customer-specific design

Beckhoff designs Industrial PCs in a modular way and has years of experience in customising designs to specific needs, e.g. for individual artwork and company logo on the drive flap or bezel, keyboard layout or additional electromechanical keys. A programmable keyboard controller provides flexible adaptation to specific key functions.


Upgrading and maintenance at the front side

The housing is opened from the front. A lock behind the drive flap opens the front door. Different keys distinguish between users and maintenance personnel. With the front door opened, components can be exchanged without any tools necessary: A hard disk exchange takes place in seconds to upgrade software, changed from another computer, in the field.

Plug-in cards can also be accessed from the front. To install these, access to the cable connectors is supported by a unique slide out support on ball bearings: The complete IPC slides out of its installation position like a drawer; the assembly frame holds the PC in position in front of the rack or the control cabinet. In this position, the technician is able to access the connectors and cables alone from the side without a second person holding the IPC.

The slide mechanism is offered as an accessory as it is often unnecessary for control cabinet installations. In the case of a 19-inch rack systems, however, in which the PC would be difficult to access from behind, the slide mechanism greatly improves access to the internal workings of the IPC.

Assembly from the front

It is possible to carry out full installation of the Industrial PC from the front. For this purpose the slide mechanism is divided into two halves. The left and right halves of the assembly frame are inserted one by one into the assembly opening and are screwed to the rack or control cabinet from the front.

The technician then takes hold of the connection cables, which hang down inside the installation space, and pulls them forward. The telescopic guide supports are pulled forward, the PC is placed onto them and screwed in position. The technician can do this by themselves. The cables are connected next. The PC is then pushed into the installation space and fixed on the left and right with two screws. – Ready to run in a few minutes.


Converting existing plants

The computer core is the same in all variants. Its assembly dimensions, 19 inches wide and eight rack units high, are identical to those of its predecessors, the MIC3210 and the C3230: one to one replacement is guaranteed. When using the alphanumeric keyboard, additional space of one to two rack units in front of the front flap below the PC is required.

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