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CP67xx | Built-in Panel PC

The compact built-in Industrial PC

The CP67xx built-in Panel PC series is designed for installation in the front of a control cabinet or control housing. The CP67xx series combines the Beckhoff Control Panel design with state-of-the-art Industrial PC technology. The right display size and keyboard are available for every application.

With their highly integrated Beckhoff motherboard the CP67xx built-in Industrial PCs represent a high-performance platform for machine construction and plant engineering applications running the TwinCAT automation software under Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded. The PC can be equipped with a 6.5-, 12- or 15-inch LC display, or as a monitor without keys or with different types of keyboard. Optionally, a touch screen or touch pad is available. In addition, a large number of push-button extensions are available.

A CP67xx Panel PC is equipped with a 500 MHz AMD LX800 processor and 64 MB Compact Flash. It contains no rotating parts. In each configuration the Panel PCs of this series are approved for ambient temperatures between 0 and 55 °C. Cooling is achieved directly via the rear panel of the Control Panel. No fan is required.

The CP67xx Panel PCs are supplied with a 24 V power supply unit. The Panel PC is offered with a CF card up to 8 GB capacity, which is suitable for installation of Windows XP Embedded or Windows CE. The Compact Flash card and the lithium battery for the system clock are accessible from the rear.

Due to its two independent Ethernet interfaces, the CP67xx is ideally suited as a compact central processing unit for an EtherCAT control system. One of the 100 Mbit Ethernet ports offers optimum performance for all EtherCAT control tasks. The second port is available for connecting a higher-level network or for further automation tasks. NOVRAM can be provided as an option for fail-safe data storage.

Variants Processor available
CP67xx-0020 AMD LX800 processor yes
CP67xx Built-in Panel PC - Without keys

Without keys

CP67xx Built-in Panel PC - Function keys

Function keys

CP67xx Built-in Panel PC - Numeric keyboard

Numeric keyboard

CP67xx Built-in Panel PC - Alphanumeric keyboard

Alphanumeric keyboard



The device must be installed in the orientation that is shown in the rear view drawing.

CP67xx Built-in Panel PC

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