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AS-i Gateway
to Modbus Plus

AS-i Master
Modbus Plus node


Advanced AS-i diagnostics









The AS-i/Modbus Plus Gateway serves to connect the Actuator-Sensor-Interface to a hierarchically higher Modbus Plus network. The Gateway acts as a complete Master for the AS-i and as a node for Modbus Plus. All AS-i functions can be called via the Modbus Plus network. As with all Masters of Bihl+Wiedemann, commissioning, debugging and setting up of the AS-i parameters can be accomplished with the use of two push-buttons, the LCD display and the LEDs directly on the system, but it can also be handled via Modbus Plus. Advanced AS-i diagnostics allows to detect occasional occurring configuration errors and to judge the quality of the AS-i communication are implemented.

Specification 2.1

Art. no. BWU1583

Operating current

master power supply A
approx. 200 mA out of AS-i circuit

Operating voltage

AS-i voltage 30 V DC

Serial interface

Modbus Plus

Baud rates

1 MBit/s

AS-i Master profile


AS-i cycle time

150 μs*(Number of Slaves + 1)




displaying slave addresses and error messages

LED green (power)

power on

LED green (Modbus Plus)

network indicator (diagnosis LED)

LED red (config error)

configuration error

LED green (U AS-i)

AS-i voltage OK

LED green (AS-i active)

AS-i normal operation active

LED green (prg enable)

automatic address programming enabled

LED yellow (prj mode)

the master is in configuration mode


2 (mode/set)

Voltage of insulation

≥ 500 V

EMC directions

EN 50082, EN 50081

Ambient operating temperature

0°C ... +55°C

Storage temperature

-25°C ... +85°C


housing for DIN-rail mounting

Dimensions (L, W, H)

75 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm

Protection category (DIN 40 050)

housing IP40
terminals IP20


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